Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away (Western NY to be precise) Landsend Kennels was born. The idea was to learn as much as possible about the German Shepherd Dog: History, bloodlines and modern pedigrees. Through the years, modern pedigrees have turned into ancient pedigrees and thus the wheel turns.

The dream is simple: Combine a healthy pedigree with another healthy pedigree, add a touch of beauty and intelligence, which in total spells out the complete dog. Records speak for themselves, as Landsend has finished and bred champions in the conformation and obedience rings. Happily though, most puppies are placed in loving pet homes.

The new millennium finds Landsend Kennels in Woodland, North Carolina, still learning about GSDs and adding a second breed, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, who have become fast friends with the shepherds.

Still showing, still striving for healthy puppies from healthy parents, Landsend Kennels recently celebrated its 40th birthday.




Todorhaus Bmeer Dizzy Miss Lizzy




Todorhaus Bmeer Dizzy Miss Lizzy, OFA
By Bmeer Koldren Man In Black, OFA
Ex Joelle's Raphaels Madonna, OFA

CH Woodrose a Rumor in Blue, OFA
By GCHB CH Woodrose Whip UP a Rumor, OFA
Ex Woodrose FGBTM Devil in a Blue Dress







TheBlackGhostfrom Todorhaus-Landsend, HT PT OFA
"The Ghost"
By CH Hicliff's Razzle Dazzle of Zytut, OFA
Ex CH Todorhaus Shoot The Moon, OFA

CH Todorhaus-Landsend's Light A Candle, HT PT OFA
By Cheradon's Spirit Road of Landsend, OFA
Ex Todorhaus Bmeer Dizzy Miss Lizzy, OFA





  CH Wildwood Hammerin' Hank of Landsend, OFA
By CH Woodrose Allegro No Gentleman, HT
Ex Wildwood's Hearts A-Burstin'

Markris Wild Thing I Think I Love U
By CH Woodrose Allegro No Gentleman, HT
Ex CH Markris Among The Wildflowers



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